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Background and Planning Status

Proposals for development are assessed against the terms of the Development Plan. In Falkirk, this is made up of the National Planning Framework (NPF4) and the Falkirk Local Development Plan 2 (LDP2).

The site is a long-established development opportunity. It was originally allocated for commercial development in the original Falkirk Local Development Plan, which was adopted in 2015.  


It is now allocated for mixed use development in LDP2 but remains undeveloped.

National Planning Framework 4

National Planning Framework 4

Falkirk Local Development Plan 2

Falkirk Local Development Plan 2

LDP2 states in relation to the site that:

Falkirk Gateway provides an opportunity for a high-quality business quarter benefiting from co-location with the new Forth Valley College campus and Helix and accommodating mixed use development with major emphasis on placemaking, leisure and tourism and low carbon technology.

New housing as part of the Falkirk Gateway, including redevelopment of the old college site, will form a further Strategic Growth Area, which could accommodate some 300 new homes.

LDP Development Guidance

Major Areas of Change Development Guidan
Major Areas of Change KEY

Major Areas of Change: Development Guidance
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Allocated Uses


Leisure and tourism (hotel/conference, food and drink)

Housing (indicative capacity 100) to include 15% affordable housing

Retail (neighbourhood food retail/non-food retail subject to retail assessment);

Public realm

Since LDP2 was adopted, NPF4 is now also a consideration. This contains detailed policies against which the proposals will be considered, with requirements in relation to sustainability, biodiversity, town centres and the climate crisis to name a few. 

Planning Application

The proposals will be classed as a Major Development. Applicants are required to carry out pre-application consultation. After submission of a Proposal of Application Notice (PoAN), the Applicant has 18 months to complete the pre-application consultation and submit a planning application. 

This is the first of two public consultation events. A second event will follow before we make an application for planning permission in principle, at which time our proposals will be further progressed.

These proposals have been screened against the Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations and Falkirk Council has confirmed that EIA is not required. A number of technical studies are however being prepared that will inform the detailed development proposals and assess the impact on a range of matters including:

  • Transport

  • Flooding and Drainage

  • Ecology

  • Noise and Vibration

  • Air Quality

  • Ground Conditions

  • Landscape

  • Socio - Economic Impact

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