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The Proposals

Mix of Uses

Up to 100 homes including 15 affordable

120 bed hotel

c.16,000 sq.m commercial floorspace including retail, restaurants and leisure

Our emerging proposals include a mix of uses which aim to interact with and complement the site’s neighbours.


Residential development is proposed to the western and southern sides of Area B where it can form a coherent extension to the neighbouring residential areas. A neighbourhood centre with local scale retail will form part of this parcel, being easily accessible to the new residents as well as the existing adjacent community.


Larger retail and leisure units will be sited on the western side of Area A, adjacent to the Forth Valley College and large format uses in the neighbouring Middlefield Industrial Estate.


Food and drink and leisure uses will be concentrated on the eastern edge of both Area A and B, interacting with the established high quality sport, leisure and recreation opportunities opposite to the east at the Helix and Falkirk Stadium.

Zone Plan

The Emerging Plan
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A Landscape-led Strategy

The green corridor is the main active travel link through the site and it is proposed that this, as well as other major infrastructure be implemented first, in advance of any buildings. Temporary landscape interventions are proposed within each future building plot, these remaining in place until each parcel is brought forward.


The subsequent build out will be phased in a traditional manner, but with the benefit of an early establishing landscape setting and public realm, maturing as the builds progress. This creates an attractive setting that benefits users and is attractive to new tenants.

Site Landscape Concep

Site Landscape Concept Plan
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